Monday, March 20, 2017

5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

One person that you may not want to forget to buy a Christmas gift for this year is your boss. You don’t have to get the most expensive Christmas gift or the biggest Christmas gift, but it is a nice gesture to show your boss you care and are thankful for them by buying them a Christmas gift. So, what do you get the person who signs your paychecks every month? Buying a Christmas gift for your boss is not as difficult as you may think.

Here are 5 great Christmas gifts for your boss that you should consider.

1. Christmas Gift Basket

This makes a great Christmas gift for a boss because you don’t have to worry as much about making sure it is something that he will like. There are a variety of different online retailers and even local stores that sell already pre-made Christmas baskets. You can choose from Christmas baskets with fruit, cheeses and beef logs, coffee and tea mixes, or chocolates and cookies. Even if your boss doesn’t like all the items in the Christmas basket, he can still take it home to his family or break it open at work and share it with all the employees.

2. Restaurant Gift Card

A restaurant gift card may seem like the easy way out for a Christmas gift for a boss, but think about who your boss is. Do they have a family that they can take out for a nice meal? Or, do they go on a lot of dinner meetings with clients for work? Or maybe they are always staying late at the office and they could use a nice meal at a restaurant. Whatever the reason, a restaurant gift card can make a very thoughtful Christmas gift for a boss.

3. A Picture For The Office

If you know your boss rather well and know what some of his interests and likes are, why not pick out a new picture for his office. If he is really into sports or a certain sports player, look around for pictures or posters that he can hang in his office. This is one Christmas gift that a boss will never forget as he can look at the picture every day at work and realize what a great employee he has. By the way, this doesn’t have to be some big and expensive gift. Check places like EBay for cheaper pictures or harder to come by pictures and posters for your boss.

4. Calendar or Desk Planner

If you know that your boss hangs a calendar on his wall every year, why not beat him to the punch and buy him a calendar for a Christmas gift. Look for a calendar that may have pictures of interest to him or motivation quotes and sayings. You can also do the same for a desk planner for his office desk. A unique idea would be to try to get all the employees together and take different pictures of them working, being silly or whatever you want. Use an online photo development website such as Snapfish and make your boss a personalized calendar from the pictures you took in the office for his Christmas gift.

5. Personalized Golf Balls

For some reason, most bosses like to golf. Maybe your boss golfs with clients or merely for fun every weekend. If this is the case, buy him personalized golf balls for a Christmas gift. If he is an avid golfer, what is better to get for a Christmas gift than his very own golf balls with his name on them. If you don’t know if your boss likes to golf or not, this may not be the best gift for him, as you actually want this Christmas gift to be put to good use.

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