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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Long Haul Truck Driver! All Under $15!

Opening the little gadgets and gizmos in a Christmas Stocking is the best part of Christmas! You never know what Santa might have come up with and you always find a way to use it, no matter how ridiculous!

So what can Santa put in your special truck driver’s stocking this year? Here’s a list of things to help Santa out a little.

1- A small yearly calendar – It must be able to stick to the instrument panel in the truck. Trucker’s need a calendar handy, although cell phones have these, it’s nice to see the date at-a-glance. These can be purchased for under $2 at your general merchandise stores such as Wal-Mart or Dollar General.

2- A manual watch – You know, the kind that has a face and hands. Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers, run their log books on the time they are being dispatched from. So, no matter what time zone they are in, they must know what time it is in their “home base” time. Cell phone change time with time zones so a manual watch is a necessity. These can be purchased at Wal-Mart for under $10.

3- Acrylic picture frames – Only acrylic frames. No glass, the truck bumps and bounces too much for glass on board. Put family pictures in these and Velcro strips on the back side. Put Velcro strips in various places in the truck and adhere the picture frame. A nice homely touch. These can be purchased at Dollar General for $1.00 each.

4- A set of X-Long twin bed sheets – The X-long sheets are plenty long for the bunk bed in the truck. Regular twin bed sheets are too short and tend to roll up. Comfort is key when living in a big rig. Wal-Mart carries these for approximately $15. (Hospital bed sheets are great as well being they are longer. You’d have to purchase these at a medical supply store.)

5- A nice big throw pillow – With a nice thick, big throw pillow your driver can lay down and watch tv without having to wad his/her normal pillows up. The televisions are positioned high above the bottom bunk so a nice pillow is a wonderful attribute to comfort. Dollar General carries a nice selection for around $10.

6- Truck Stop manual – Truck stops change daily with new ones being added and others closing. A truck stop book is essential to living on the road. These can be purchased at all major truck stops such as Flying J, Pilot, or TA. The price is generally under $15.

7- A small toiletry kit for inside the truck. – Truck drivers don’t always have time to run in the truck stop and shower. At times a quick rinse in the truck is all they have time for. Purchase a small cosmetic bag (black vinyl will be good) and a few necessities in the travel size of toothpaste, toothbrush, towelettes, a small mirror, mouthwash, and throw in a wash cloth. All items can be purchased at your local drug store or Wal-Mart for a total of under $15.

8- A good pair of leather gloves – Most drivers use gloves when fueling and especially when hooking up trailers. A good pair of leather work gloves is imperative and would be appreciated. These are available at Wal-Mart or Lowe’s for around $12.

9- Food Gift Certificates – At times money runs low when you’re on the road, so why not give your driver some food coupons from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Arby’s, or Subway. These are the major restaurants at most major truck stops. These can be purchased at $5 increments. 1 book will have 5, $1 certificates to use.

10- The ultimate stocking stuffer gift is just a hand written note to your driver. Who doesn’t love handwritten notes? And to make it more special, sneak out to the truck and hide little “I love you” notes in places they will be found. (Under the pillow, between the sheets, on the sun visor) These notes will bring a smile on your driver’s face every time one is found. You can also place these in the duffel bag that is going back on the truck or any where else you can think of. Guaranteed lovely gift! Cost: $0

Truck drivers spend endless hours away from home and need to be reminded that thier family has not forgotten them. Small gifts at Christmas are just as important as big gifts. These suggestions are a few that I have used in the past and they work great.

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