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Friday, February 24, 2017

Alternative Uses for Wrapping Paper: Don't Toss Out the Scraps

I went over to my friend’s home the other day… to visit, but also, to see her beautifully decorated home. She is so such a craft genius. I was wondering what creations she has put up this year.

I entered her home and was instantly taken to a wintry wonderful land (this is in Texas). Wooden snowflakes of various shapes and sizes painted and cream and gold were hanging from the ceiling.

Now if that were not enough, as I entered the dining room, all the family picture frames had also been holidayed. She had taken the mats from each picture and wrapped them in Christmas wrapping paper that matched her holiday colors (blue, green, and red). That extra touch really made the pictures pop.

I asked her what made her think to do that with the wrapping paper: her reply was that she only had scraps left and did not want to waste such pretty paper.

This led to a discussion on other ways to use wrapping paper scraps (my mom would be so proud).

Alternative uses for wrapping paper scraps- from plain to snazzy

Have you noticed that so many Christmas cards come with plain envelopes? Cut some scraps to fit inside the top of the envelope… save for the glue strip. When friends and family open your Christmas card… voila, instance snazzy… and what a pleasant surprise. I bet smiles are brought to everyone who opens a card. (You can do this with any wrapping paper scraps, not just holiday… birthday cards will also be a great way to use scraps).

Alternative uses for wrapping paper scraps- be prepared

I bet you will still have even more scraps from the scraps used for the holiday cards… what to do? Toss them? No! Pick up some white card stock or copy paper that you probably have stored in your craft area and begin creating your own holiday greeting cards. Simply take those small scraps and glue them either around the edges or on the top. However, you want to… and then you will have a jump on having holiday cards ready for the next year.

Alternative uses for wrapping paper scraps- eggnog, anyone?

Still have more scraps? Gracious, you do have a lot of wrapping paper. Make coasters. Take some of the heavy duty cardboard you have accumulated this season and make holiday coasters for next year. Not only will you be reusing paper… but also cardboard… way to reuse! Cut the wrapping paper to fit around the cardboard. (Coasters do not have to be circles… they can be square, and that is a much easier shape to work with!) Once the paper is glued on to the cardboard, seal it with a decoupage medium.

Use for yourself or as gifts next year. Teachers would love this, especially if made by children. Coasters and eggnog… great gift idea.

Alternative uses for wrapping paper scraps- popcorn, peanuts anyone?

We have all opened a package that had packing peanuts come spewing out at us. Have you ever seen a kitten leap into a package of peanuts? Not as much fun, as the kitten would like to think. Once that happened, I banned the use of using them myself; instead, I used popped popcorn as packing fillers. Well, my friend suggested that wrapping paper scraps could be shredded and used as packing filler. I liked that idea. Imagine opening a package filled with colorful paper, not Styrofoam peanuts.

My mother will be so pleased when she reads this and knows that I am spreading her vision of reduce, reuse, recycle to my friends… even during the holiday season! In addition, look what my friend could come up with as a reuse guide— imagine what you could do!

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